Waheed Alubankudi


Mr. Waheed Alubankudi established PC Place Nigeria in 20—, a bespoke ecommerce company which offers great deals on gadgets and electronics with fast shipping to customers all over Nigeria. The company is highly sought-after as a result of its specialization and mastery in the electronics and gadgets line. Over time, Waheed Alubankudi has gathered a couple of tech inclined personalities under his employ providing top-notch sales and after-sales services to customers. PC Place’s mission is to be the providers of the best quality in electronics and gadgets at their best price. The company also works in collaboration with a couple of well trained and highly reliant engineers offering after sales services to customers in need of such. Mr. Waheed Alubankudi’s flair for technology is his major drive in his establishment of tech related outfits. In 200- he founded ‘Albans technologies’ an IT firm out to provide cross-category solutions to clients nationwide. Mr. Waheed Alubankudi takes great displeasure in retardation but strives to upscale on a regular basis. This is quite evident in his recent acquisition of a greater space of about 360sqm to enable proper serving of customers. He has invested a lot in keeping a spotless image in the industry. This he achieved by avoiding the sales of unverified and inferior products. He has been able to build a name in the industry that is synonymous with authenticity. Mr. Waheed Alubankudi has made it his plan not to make PC Place a ‘Jack of all Trade’ who ends up being a Master of none. As a result, he has invested enough time, resources and energy in training his staff making them not merely vendors but good enough consultants in the line of technology. He believes in focus and as such, he has made it his focus to be the jack of technology trade and he has mastered it to the core.